f r a n c i s c o     F U L L A N A

 O S C Y L       r  i  c  h  t  e  r

M A X       R I C H T E R 

 O S C Y L          f u l l a n a

r i c h t e r        F R A N C I S C O

The Spanish violinist plays with the String Ensemble of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León the widely acclaimed Richter’s recomposed version of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and premiered in the UK at the October 2012. Francisco Fullana has previously performed this interesting version  with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

His CD debut Through the Lens of Time, launched on March, includes Richter’s Four Seasons as main work of the CD, and has received great reviews:

Of course, it’s all about the violinist – and Francisco Fullana can pull out all the stops, from an excited, thin, minimalist violin tone to a plangently sweet one. A little later, he demands strength, energy, and intensity of his playing, and he also gains admirable virtuosity with his fierce staccato. In a word, the high praise Fullana has received from conductors and critics proves to be justified. (full review)

Named in FORBES “CD’s of the week”, Jens F. Laurson says about Fullana’s rendition:

[…] Francisco Fullana is, to my knowledge, the first violinist to record Max Richter’s ingenious Four Seasons Recomposed since the initial outing with Daniel Hope on Deutsche Gramophone …[…]. In doing so Fullana not only offers an alternative reading, which is something we should want to have of all worthy compositions, but he also presents this inspired 21st century Vivaldi-knock-off in a new setting […]” Jens F. LaursonForbes

Francisco Fullana, violin

Max Richter
“The Four Seasons Recomposed”

Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes

May 19th, 8 pm

This is how it happened: