• Shlomo Mintz

    “Those fortunate persons who attended the concert had the singular occasion to listen one of the greatest violinists of these days.”

    shlomo mintz violinist
  • Violin Masterclasses

    Days of inspiration, education and excitement at a high level in the fascinating world of the violin!

  • Itamar Golan

    “One of the best chamber music pianist of the international scene”

    itamar golan
  • Francesca Dego

    “She has an impeccable technique, but also a striking way of dealing with the stylistic issues of a Concerto.”

    francesca dego
  • Festival Mintz Tucumán

    “A new project that invites audience, artists and young musicians to share magic musical moments”

    festival mintz tucumán
  • Francisco Fullana

    “Spanish rising star Francisco Fullana is, to my knowledge, the first violinist to record Max Richter’s ingenious Four Seasons Recomposed since the initial outing with Daniel Hope on Deutsche Gramophone”

    francisco fullana violinist
  • Roberto Beltrán-Zavala

    “It’s a mark of this conductor’s skill that he captures the distinct character of each movement… Charismatic performances, full of spike and spark”

    Roberto Beltrán-Zavala

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