graz styriarte shlomo mintz

Shlomo Mintz, violin

Sander Sittig, piano

Mendelssohn: Violin sonata in F Major

Shlomo Mintz (violin)

Wed, 20. July 2016 20:00


Violin music by Jewish composers such as Mendelssohn, Bruch, Bloch and others

F. Mendelssohn: Violin sonata in F Major
P. Ben-Haim: Sonata in G minor for violin solo, op. 44
E. Bloch: Violin sonata No. 1

When the violinist Isaac Stern was asked why so many Jews played the violin, he answered, “It’s the instrument you can most easily grab when you have to run for your life.” The bitter truth of this sentence has been demonstrated through centuries of marginalisation and persecution of Jewish people and musicians in Europe.

The grand violinist Shlomo Mintz dedicates some of the most beautiful melodies that have been written for his instrument by Jewish composers to this topic.