Shlomo Mintz returns to South America | October-November 2015

Mintz performs at “Violins of Hope Cleveland”

Great success of Crans-Montana Classics Master Classes 2015

Shlomo Mintz visits Ecuador and Colombia

After seven years, Shlomo is back to Ecuador to conduct and play a unique concert in Quito. The impressive Casa de la Música will receive the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Ecuador and Shlomo Mintz for this long-awaited concert. Bogotá is receiving Shlomo Mintz for a second consecutive year. The link created with the Orchestra Filarmónica de Bogotá as well as with the own city is being consolidated and will have a second part this year in October/November.

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Shlomo Mintz closed the “Festival del Centro Histórico de México”

Shlomo Mintz closed the “Festival del Centro Histórico de México” performing a brilliant Sibelius concerto. With the Orquesta Sinfónica de Minería and Thomas Sanderling.

“Shlomo Mintz’s interpretation of Sibelius’ Concerto was transparent, clear, never shallow or impersonal, 

tremendously emotional at times and so deeply committed that it lifted everyone to a higher dimension.”

“The truth is that a description of an artist like Mintz, goes far beyond any imagination. Sure, one could write about his amazing technical skills with dry terms like rallentandos, rubatos, acellerandos, cadenzas, etc., which critics often do, but this would not tell us anything about the greater depths of his performance.

So I’d rather write purely subjective: about his narrative way of performing, about the emotions and feelings he showed while playing; matters that, in my view, are far more valuable. And though it’s a fact that his technique was impeccable, his violin playing went far beyond mere appreciation, far beyond a performance which someone could simply call beautiful, well done or something like that…”

Mintz | First program with the QSO in Australia

For two weeks, Shlomo Mintz will have his first full program with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra as Soloist in Residence.


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Shlomo Mintz to join QSO in 2015


Queensland Symphony Orchestra makes Australian history and joins ranks of world’s leading orchestras with Soloist-in-Residence announcement: Shlomo Mintz to join QSO in 2015

In a move mirroring the world’s leading orchestras, and as a first for any Australian orchestra, Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO) has announced a Soloist-in-Residence program with Shlomo Mintz, one of the world’s most acclaimed virtuoso violinists to join the QSO in 2015 under the new initiative.

The Soloist-in-Residence program was announced today by QSO Chief Executive Officer Ms Sophie Galaise, who joined the QSO on June 3 last year bringing with her significant international experience, expertise and vision; the Soloist-in-Residence program is part of her long term vision, and represents an exciting new era for the company.

“The announcement of world leading master violinist Shlomo Mintz as our inaugural Soloist-in-Residence is a signal to the world that the Queensland Symphony Orchestra has a global vision; a quest to grow our international family of musicians, and a commitment to have the world’s best play here in Queensland;and importantly also, to have the world’s best experience the depth and richness of talent that the Queensland Symphony Orchestra represents,” said Ms Galaise.

The Soloist-in-Residence program is supported by the T & J St Baker Charitable Trust and is set to truly elevate the QSO to a new level of musicianship and pride, while expanding the musical reach and influence of the company significantly.

“Soloist-in-Residence programs are highlights of leading orchestras around the world. The New York Philharmonic, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal are among other companies that are long standing advocates of a Soloist-in-Residence as the program allows for a tremendous sharing of musicality and ideas,” said Ms Galaise.

Shlomo Mintz is already a favourite with audiences and the company, having shone as soloist in QSO’s sold-out opening Maestro Concert on February 15 with Simone Young conducting.

“Shlomo Mintz is esteemed for his impeccable musicianship, stylistic versatility and commanding technique. He regularly appears with the most celebrated orchestras and conductors on the international music scene, he is a major recording artist, recitalist, arts ambassador, conductor and educator; and is also the co-founder of the first online Music Academy,” said Ms Galaise.

“It was very important that our Soloist-in-Residence is a musician of great international acclaim, someone who is a natural fit with the players of the QSO, and in tune with the company’s musical direction and energy. Shlomo more than fits this pre-requisite”.

“He is passionate about music and performing with the best in the world, as well as about music education and mentoring – the QSO, our audiences and our young musicians in Queensland are in for an incredible Season 2015,” she said.

Shlomo Mintz will be resident with the QSO over two extended periods throughout the year, performing in the QSO’s main stage concert season, leading a chamber music performance with QSO musicians and presenting workshops, masterclasses and talks.

QSO also hopes to partner with major teaching institutions to further Shlomo’s contribution to the Queensland education sector.

“I am excited to be coming back to Brisbane to work with the QSO; Queensland has a great Orchestra and I’m looking forward to spending time performing, collaborating and sharing. I consider it an honour to be the first Soloist-in-Residence in the QSO’s history, and indeed, as the first in Australia,” Shlomo Mintz said.

Season 2015 will be unveiled in August. Kath Rose -Queensland Symphony Orchestra