Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 2007, Pilar Policano, began playing the violin at the age of six and since she was 11, she studies with maestro Rafael Gíntoli, one of the most important pedagogues of Argentina.

Aged only 14 yrs old, she has been awarded in several international competitions, among others: Grand Prix (Yankelevitch International Violin Competition 2022), First Prize (Violino Internacional Competition 2021, St. Petersburgo – Russia), First and Special Prize (Nouvelles Etoiles, París, 2022),

First Price (International Competition Philarmonia Pitesti, Romania/ CMS Vienna 2021), Grand Prix (Istra Star 2021 – Slovenia Croatia), First Place – (“Musical Interpretation Contest -Las Notas de Guido” 2021 – Mexico) and First Prize (“International Online Music Competition 2020 OPUS ARTIS PARIS”, France).

Pilar has performed as a soloist at several distinguished music halls worldwide, such as the Teatro Colón, the CCK, the San Martín Theatre and the Coliseum in Buenos Aires, and with several important orchestras, among others, the Argentine National Symphony Orchestra, Argentine Youth National Symphony Orchestra, the Salta Symphony Orchestra and Bahia Blanca Symphony Orchestra.

In this year 2022, she has been invited to perform with the National Symphony Orchestra, the Pitesti Philharmonic Orchestra (Romania), the Artima Paris Orchestra (France) and in Argentina, with the Bahia Blanca Symphony Orchestra, Philarmonic of Buenos Aires at the Colon Theatre, Neuquén Symphony Orchestra and Paraná Symphony Orchestra, in addition to numerous recitals. Besides, she has participated in various summer festival such as “Festival 7 Lagos”, in Argentina (2020) and in the International Festival “Moscow Meets Friends” in Russia (2021). She was also selected to participate at the at the Morningside Music Bridge at the New England  Conservatory, Boston (USA).

In 2021, she received a scholarship from the Argentine Mozarteum and from the National Endowment for the Arts in 2019, both granted to outstanding young performers.

She received Masterclasses from Pavel Berman, Ray Chen, Stefan Jackiw, Roberto Gonzalez- Monjas, Nicolas Datricourt, Amalia Hall, Florin Negreanu and Xavier Inchausti.

Since 2022, she plays a fine Horacio Piñeiro New York 2013 “Lord Wilton” violin, which is on loan to her from Maestro Pablo Saraví.

From September 2022, Pilar will continue her studies at the Kunst-Universität Graz, in the class of Professor Boris Kuschnir with the generous help from the Argentine Mozarteum that has granted Pilar with the Teresa Grüneisen 2022 scholarship.

Besides playing the violin, Pilar also enjoys history, reading, swimming, traveling and learning new languages. She speaks Spanish and English, and the German is her new goal.