Teatro Filarmónica
August, 20th ♣ 8 pm


Richter “Four Seasons Recomposed”

The Spanish violinist Francisco Fullana visits Oviedo to perform the Richter “Four Seasons Recomposed” with the Oviedo Filarmonia and under the baton of Luis Miguel Méndez.

Fullana received excellent reviews of his Richter’s Four Seasons CD that was launched on March 2018 with Orchid Classics label and it was his debut recording.

Francisco Fullana is, to my knowledge, the first violinist to record Max Richter’s ingenious Four Seasons Recomposed since the initial outing with Daniel Hope on Deutsche Gramophone (among my favorite recordings of 2012). In doing so Fullana not only offers an alternative reading, which is something we should want to have of all worthy compositions, but he also presents this inspired 21st century Vivaldi-knock-off in a new setting by interpolating the four concertos with three 20th century violin (solo and solo + piano) bonbons.”